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Winning is a Multiplayer Game

Winning is a Multiplayer Game

Superstars need super supporters

A captivating doco on the first Aussie in the NBA. He went on to win 3 consecutive rings with the mighty Chicago Bulls (‘96, ‘97, ‘98) 🏀🏀🏀

A big lesson is not in his successes but how he handled his failures and rose.

The most insightful quote from the doco about his first NBA season where he described it as his ‘most miserable year of his life’.

“..there wasn’t a lot of love in the locker room, it was competitive which is good. Competitive is fine but I didn’t feel at all that I wasn’t enjoying it. People don’t share the ball, people don’t defend as well as each other, and all that sort of stuff is what appealed to me more than whether we won or lost..”

To understand how this mindset was cultivated.

While he played basketball since childhood his love for basketball stemmed from the devastation of his parents splitting up.

The teamwork and mateship of basketball was a substituted to the ‘chaos at home’. Luc relied on the love between teammates, that was expressed through teamwork and led to winning games.

Eventually he was traded to the bulls where he was led by bigger than life, Michael Jordan and the high level coach, Phil Jackson.

The key takeaway, the greater the alignment between the incentives of the individual and company, the smoother, more intimate and successful the whole becomes.

But the individual’s attitude and mindset is one part of the equation.

The other is captivating leadership within the team (Michael Jordan) and outside (Phil Jackson) to pull everyone together into lockstep.

The doco really is the ‘missing chapter’ to Last Dance and its free to watch: https://lnkd.in/gayfeg7K