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Rapid decisions on temptations

Rapid decisions on temptations

People have always had difficulty handling temptations.

We all know that we're wired to seek out immediate gratifications. That extra slice of delicious cake, putting off a workout because we're tired or spending frivolously on gadgets.

We do this see-saw "I shouldn't, but" on loop until we succumb to the temptation or the moment has passed (only to get exposed to the temptation later). There's a quick and practical way to calculate the tradeoff. It's called the 10-10-10.

The hack is to view the choice through time.

How do I expect to feel in...

10 mins?
10 hours?
10 days?

If I were to gratify the choice?

No one enjoys feeling guilty the next day with a hangover or buyers remorse. The real value is not resisting temptation or living "without want". But having true agency in our decisions. If you decide that the hangover in 10 hours is worth the present joy of celebrating your birthday, that's power. Not being persuaded to buy a gadget because of a cool marketing ad.

Take control and sense how you'll feel in 10 mins, 10 hours, 10 days. Live your life.