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'China vs America' really?

'China vs America' really?

🇨🇳 “China vs America” 🇺🇸 - is it REALLY?

Many media outlets, govt officials and commentators have pitted the two nations in combat for supremacy.

I thought so too, until I read Kishore Mahbubani’s “Has China Won?”

The absolute key takeaway I can offer from the book is:

🇺🇸 US wants to be NUMBER ONE, technologically and ideologically in any which way.

🇨🇳 CN wants to be INDEPENDENT, by absolutely any means necessary.

This reframing of the gridlock and posturing we see from both nations has fundamentally changed my perspective.

I can’t speak to the US’ undying passion to be number one. But after reading Kishore’s book. I do understand China’s absolution for self determination is motivated by her shadowed history from the opium wars and occupation by colonial forces.