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A New Kind of 'MBA'

A New Kind of 'MBA'

MBA typically refers to a business degree. But there’s a growing new usage of the acronym: Managed by Algorithms 🤖

I first came across the concept in 2016 on a piece by the Financial Times (link in the comments). The term was mostly relevant to the growing gig economy and other blue-collar industries.

With the leap towards remote working, particularly by big corporates. There's been a surge in demand for employee surveillance software that's masked as 'productivity management'.

From periodic screen capture, idle monitoring to keylogging.

It's all a bit bleak, a signal from leadership that they don't trust their people.

I first drew the connection after reading stories from Amazon warehouse workers that they were essentially working to the beating pings and metrics of software.

Software started off as a tool for the new age worker. It now look as if software is becoming a "manager".

Do you think algorithms are becoming managers?